about me

hello, my name is Levi. I'm a mindful mover, a holistic dance- and movement pedagogue, a queer-ecological activist,  a creative connector, a holistic_transdisciplinary bodymind-thinker, a queer, trans_non-binary being, an empathetic holder of spaces, processes and change, and  a collectivist dreamer, currently based in Vienna, Austria.

my passion is to create and hold spaces, in which transformations towards more sustainable cultures of self, body, community, relationality, activism, work, and interconnectedness with the more-than-human world can occur.

to do so, I connect my practices and knowledges of science, art, activism, embodiment, and lived experience.

short bio

* born 1992 in Villach, Austria

2010-2014 Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, University of Vienna, Austria

2011-2015 Bachelor of Arts in International Development Studies, University of Vienna, Austria

2016 Environmental Messenger at SEEDS, Iceland

2017-2019 co-founder of The Really Wild Show collective to reimagine sustainabilites, Lund/Malmö, Sweden

2016-2018 Master of Science in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science, University of Lund, Sweden

2020-2022 Coordinator of the Environmental Research Network, University of Vienna, Austria

2012-2022 Certification as a Holistic Dance- and Movement Pedagogue (Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, Contemporary Improvisation, Bodywork, Dance in Nature, Self-development, Pedagogy), Holistic Dance Institute, Vienna, Austria

2022-ongoing Advanced Teacher Training, Holistic Dance Institute, Vienna, Austria

2022-ongoing Education in Integrative Bodywork, Institut für integrative Körperarbeit, Graz, Austria



further trainings in

- Focusing (Focusing Vienna, Austria)

- Non-violent communication (Gesprächskultur, Austria)

- Art of Hosting and cultural transformation + Train the Host-Certification (Pioneers of Change, Austria)

- Ecosomatics (Ponderosa, Germany)

- Dance (Impulstanz, Austria & other ongoing trainings)










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